Company short profile:

Finance professionals across Europe rely on Infront for flexible financial market solutions. Infront provides highly usable and dependable solutions to help them find the information they’re looking for and make more informed decisions – faster, easier, smarter. Infront offers a powerful combination of global market data, news, analytics, and trading together with integrated solutions for data feeds, portfolio management and advisory, and regulatory compliance and calculations.

Infront’s solutions serve more than 3,000 customers with over 90,000 professional users. With support for their complete workflows, they can manage investment decisions, reduce costs, adapt to fast-changing market requirements and work more efficiently with ever-increasing amounts of information.

As European leaders, Infront knows local financial markets and has financial data experts near to their users. Approximately 500 employees in 11 countries across Europe apply their expertise to meet the challenges of Infront’s clients, ensuring they continuously receive the best solutions and services.

Attendees :

Berry Clemens – Chief Revenue Officer

Danny Bresseleers – General Manager

Ronald Swaanen – Sales Manager


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