Fundrella Dutch Debut

Speaker: Wava Bodin, CEO & Founder

Fundrella is a tool developed and used by the Nordic Fund Selection community to digitalise manual and time-consuming tasks within the qualitative fund selection process. By centralizing real-time fund reports and by standardising ESG data into a comparable format, Fundrella saves time for asset owners while increasing transparency around ESG. Better yet – all information comes directly from asset managers, without a layer of subjective assessment, ensuring the funds are correctly represented.

Meet the founder Wava Bodin (previously Fidelity and BlackRock) who will be hosting an interactive session, presenting insightful ESG trends and statistics based on data from the Fundrella platform and showing a first-hand demo of the tool.

“My aim and passion are to identify any old legacy processes and digitalise them to make asset owners life smoother… Give me a problem and let us solve it for you!”

– Wava Bodin, Founder & CEO, Fundrella

The startup was founded in 2019 and has become an actively used platform in the Nordics, serving Nordic asset owners with combined investable assets of 580 Billion EUR. Fundrella is now launching their service in the Netherlands and is looking for a handful institutional pilot users in the Dutch market who will be able to tailor the platform to adhere to their particular needs.


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