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The event

On the last Thursday of September, independent wealth managers traditionally meet with a selection of leading asset managers in the Netherlands. The hospitable De Utrechtse Stadsvrijheid welcomes over 200 investment professionals to be informed and inspired through five rounds of masterclasses and keynotes.

For wealth managers

Independent wealth managers, AFM registered investment firms and the employees of these companies can register to participate in this event, free of charge. Other professionals that wat to experience the event only pay a contribution for lunch and drinks. There is plenty of opportunity for networking, in addition to the informative sessions.

Seminar information

Fund Seminar 11th edition

De Utrechtse stadsvrijheid
Sophialaan 1
3542 AR, Utrecht

Thursday, September 24th 2020

From 09:00 till 18:00

Fund Seminar is a well-known event among the Dutch wealth managers. The event traditionally takes place on the last Thursday of September. In addition, Fund Seminar offers an online knowledge platform for independent wealth managers, with guaranteed high-quality content. Furthermore, there will be several other events organised by Fund Seminar.

Almost all the AFM registered independent wealth managers can be reached via our events, website and newsletter

About Fund Seminar

This year we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Fund Seminar. Started at Theodoor Gillissen Bankiers as an event for business relations for independent wealth managers, Fund Seminar has grown into the leading annual event in the sector. Each year the Fund Seminar team organises an informative and inspiring event where a variety of asset managers share their vision of the market with an inquisitive audience.

In addition to the annual event, Fund Seminar has also organised ‘Services Edition’. Here the workshops were given by IT providers, compliance experts, legal professionals, data vendors and other parties that, one way or the other, have a connection to the sector.

In 2019 Fund Seminar introduced the Fund Seminar Sessions. These are smaller events with a strong substantive approach on a central theme. A number of specialised speakers will talk in-dept about this theme for a small, select audience. The theme will also get extensive support on the Fund Seminar website, before and after the ‘Session’ event’.

The Fund Seminar team is existing of communication specialists with extensive experience in the financial sector. Rob de Haas, founder of Fund Seminar as director at Theodoor Gillissen Bankiers, is the conference chairman. Rob is closely involved to this very day.