Carbon credits, carbon offset, low carbon and innovative solutions. What is the best way to fight climate change? Innovative companies can make the difference in the fight against climate. The best way to reduce CO2 equivalent (“CO2e”) in the atmosphere is by not emitting in the first place.

An interactive discussion on the various ways investors can have a positive impact in climate change. An innovative approach to the climate challenges that we face as a planet. Instead of focussing on companies carbon footprints, companies that are innovatively adding to the solution of decarbonisation can make the biggest impact in the CO2 reduction.

  • What are the pros and cons of the various types of impact/environmental investing? (carbon credits, carbon offset, low carbon and innovative solutions)
  • What innovative solutions are available and what is the growth of these industries?
  • Which companies are most likely to benefit from the transition to a cleaner world?