Mosman will also, notably, be the first woman to head the group. She’s been APG’s chief finance and risk officer (CFRO) since 2018. Current CEO, Gerard van Olphen announced he was stepping down last year and will depart on 1 April. Mosman will take over on 1 March.

Before entering the pension sector three years ago, the executive chalked up extensive experience in financial services, heading insurance company Generali Nederland, where she also transitioned from CFRO to CEO. She also worked at Big Four accountancy KPMG, where she provided banks and insurance companies with CFO advisory services.

Mosman is expected to manage the transition to the new pensions contract in the country, and her consultancy background may come in handy in tackling this challenge. On this note, a spokesperson for the pension provider remarked:

She has also earned her spurs with radical transformation processes. For the pension sector in the Netherlands, the expected new pension contract marks an important and challenging period and its implementation will be demanding for pension providers such as APG. I am pleased that Annette, as a very experienced leader, will be at the helm during this period.

A board seat becomes vacant with her transition to CEO.