Axiom’s  Contingent Capital fund, which has €33 million AUM, has been given the ‘Towards Sustainability’ designation from the Belgian Financial Sector Federation (Febelfin). The label singles out sustainable funds with socially responsible financial practices at the heart of their operations.

The label is also one of the most highly selective in Europe. Since launching in 2019, only 579 financial products have been awarded the ‘Towards Sustainability’ designation.

The Axiom Contingent Capital fund, informally called the Axiom Sustainable Financial Bonds fund, makes investments in companies leading climate change integration. The fund utilises a proprietary Climate Readiness Score, measuring both qualitative and quantitative data to identify European financial companies leading in climate.

David Benamou, Axiom’s chief investment officer, said: “At Axiom, we aim to be pioneers in sustainable investing within the European financial services sector. For the past 12 months, we’ve been working on a methodology for Axiom Sustainable Financial Bonds with I Care (the environmental consultant) and are delighted that the fund has now been awarded the Febelfin label in recognition of its ESG credentials.”