Green-themed investment funds found to offer range of exposure to oil and oil-service companies, according to a study among 130 climate-focused funds conducted by thinktank InfluenceMap. The funds frequently held shares in large polluters. Around 72 of the funds, which collectively hold over $67 billion in AUM and are managed by the world’s leading investment houses, were misaligned with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to well below 2C.

The 130 funds, in total, had $153 million in companies involved in fossil fuel production. The report also assessed an additional 593 broad ESG funds, finding that 71% were misaligned with the Paris agreement.

InfluenceMap analyst Daan Van Acker said that, “It’s very hard for investors to be able to accurately ascertain whether funds that are branded [as climate-focused] are actually Paris aligned or not.”

Ben Caldecott of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment stated that although retail investors would most likely be surprised to see carbon-intensive companies in green funds, asset owners can push polluters to change via engagement. This very well could have a bigger impact on lowering carbon emissions than just investing in green stocks.