In a recent survey, Fidelity Digital Assets Research found that both US and European institutional investors are warming up to digital asset investment products. Fidelity’s 2021 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study surveyed 1,100 institutional investors and found that interest in digital assets grew 12% year-on-year and that European investors, generally, prefer direct investments.  

Over half of all investors surveyed believed a digital dollar will be implemented by 2026.  

Eighty-four percent of US and European institutional investors show interest in purchasing institutional investment products holding digital assets.  

Buying digital assets directly is currently the most common method of investment for institutional investors across the globe.  

Digital assets were viewed by the majority as an alternative asset, yet nearly a quarter viewed it as an independent asset class. 

In general, institutional investors demonstrated a strong preference for active management and multi-digital asset funds; however, one-third expressed interest in both single- and multi-asset products.  

When presented potential product structures, 44% of investors indicated a bitcoin ETF as most appealing, followed by an actively managed multi-digital asset fund at 41%. Over 60% of U.S. and European investors expressed a neutral or positive view of bitcoin ETFs.