Dutch trade unions and temp agencies are at odds over pensions. Last year, trade unions and employer organizations agreed that the labour conditions of temporary employees should match those of permanent workers. This agreement also put forth increased pensions for temp workers in line with “the market average”. Yet, talks around the implementation of this agreement have come to a standstill over the pension part of the deal.  

Dutch trade unions and temp agencies are at odds over pensions. A 2021 agreement gave temporary workers pensions in line with “the market average” and the same labour rights as permanent employees, but implementation is stalled due to the former point.  

Currently, temp employees receive a small pension at Stipp pension fund, where contributions are 2.6% of pensionable salary—this increases to 7-8% in 2023.   

FNV President Zakaria Boufangacha: “We had come to an agreement with the employers that competition on labour conditions by using cheaper workers via temp agencies had to stop, but I’m starting to get a feeling now that the employers are trying to renegotiate the agreement. An important reason for employers to prefer temporary workers, is that pension costs are often considerably lower. However, employers now want to treat pension separately even though pensions are part of the terms of employment. This is the issue we disagree on.” 


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