The First Trust Alerian Disruptive Technology Real Estate (DTRE) UCITS ETF listed 1 April on the London Stock Exchange and provides investors access to companies creating the physical infrastructure supporting the current push to digital. Specifically, the ETF gives exposure to companies leasing and owning real estate supporting rapid data transfer, distributed data handling, cloud computing networks, and e-commerce warehousing.

The ETF tracks the Alerian Global IT Real Estate & Infrastructure index. Within the fund, constituents are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalisation, with maximum stock weight capped at 10% of the fund’s net assets.

Rupert Haddon, Managing Director at First Trust: “Property investors have had issues for some time in Europe. For many, the scars are still raw following liquidity issues in the open-ended property market following the Brexit referendum. For others, we can understand the reticence in allocating to broad, market-cap weighted REITs, which are typically positioned within declining areas such as the high street or offices. DTRE could provide the solution to both of these issues.”

Robert Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer at Alerian: “Consumer trends and behaviours are creating significant demand for continued enhancements to the infrastructure required to support an accelerating move towards a more digital reality. The launch of DTRE, based on the Alerian Disruptive Technology Real Estate Index (“LANDX”), allows us to expand our relationship with First Trust and deliver access to companies and ideas that are reshaping the global economy.”