Meet Carl Icahn’s new CEO

Renowned activist investor Carl Icahn has tapped former General Electric (GE) executive Aris Kekedjian as the new CEO of Icahn Enterprises. Kekedjian replaces Keith Cozza, who has helmed the company since 2014. Cozza will remain CEO through 31 May to assist with the transition.

Kekedjian spent 30 years at GE and is profiled by Institutional Investor as “know[ing] how to work both sides of a deal”.  The deal-maker climbed the ranks at GE Capital, and then made a name for himself by quickly unloading pieces of the struggling business.

Post financial crisis, he was GE’s global M&A head and over the span of two years carried out deals that saw the company jettison over $250 billion in financial assets, including selling its real estate assets for $23 billion and its US private equity business lending operation for around $12 billion.

Before he left GE in 2019, he held the position of chief investment officer. His tenure at the company also saw him gain experience in global operations.

After leaving GE, he founded the Webbs Hill Partners consulting firm and has served on several boards and as an advisor to ECN Capital and Rainmaker Worldwide, a self-described “water-as-a-service” enterprise.