Unilever, AXA join €1bln regenerative agriculture fund in which they have planned to invest €100 million each. The fund is managed by Tikehau Capital. The companies said they signed a memorandum of understanding to create a new private equity “impact” fund. The fund’s mandate is to enhance biodiversity and mitigate climate change via scaling regenerative farming, an approach which is seen as assisting in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 

Pierre Abadie, Group Climate Director at Tikehau Capital: “Through the launch of this fund, our goal is to pool resources, skills, and expertise to support the technological innovations and the changes of practices that are required to improve both soil and human health.”

The invested in projects will cover companies improving soil conditions, limiting water use,  delivering regeneratively grown crops, and developing new technologies in regenerative agriculture.

Source: https://www.reuters.com./business/sustainable-business/axa-unilever-join-new-1-bln-euro-regenerative-agriculture-fund-2022-05-11/