According to multiple studies, the number of women working in the asset management and institutional investment industries has grown in recent years. Yet, representation of women still falls short regarding executive roles in the asset management and institutional investment industries.  

Just one in ten CEOs of state-owned investors are women, according to a study from Global SWF. For chief investment officers, this number is one in 20. In terms of executive roles in general, three in ten are women.  

Women have been gaining more and more seats on boards.  

The Citywire Alpha Female Report 2021 found that just 11.8% of the some 16,000 fund managers in its database were women. This, despite the fact that mixed teams generate higher returns.  

What will help increase both the number of women and their inclusion are recruiting more women in general, creating a team-oriented environment instead of a focusing on a stand-out manager, and having strong female leadership. This latter point both attracts women to firms and serves to nurture and mentor women within companies.