In this ever-changing industry, we want to help investors drive effective and intended changes in their portfolio construction processes, to better achieve their investment objectives. We expect the years to come to be challenging. To meet their objectives, investors may need to shift their focus from chasing asset class returns to creating the best resilient portfolios, which are more equipped to withstand uncertainty.

BlackRock Portfolio Analysis & Solutions (BPAS) is part of BlackRock’s global consulting platform, a team of over 60 portfolio and investment professionals aiming to help BlackRock clients achieve their investment goals. Fully dedicated to EMEA investors, BPAS consult with investors to empower them to implement their chosen asset allocation, across all asset classes and investable vehicles. Consultations utilise the risk capabilities of Aladdin® – a leading risk management and portfolio construction platform – in conjunction with BlackRock Investment Institute’s macro insights, BlackRock’s expertise in portfolio construction and breadth of our products.

We are looking forward to help our clients to achieve their investment goals.