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Spreker: Francois de Bruin

Functie: Portfoliomanager CFA, CAIA
Fund Manager, Sustainable Income & Growth

Titel: “Sustainable Income and Growth Investments for today’s investor”


Investors have always prioritised income and capital growth but are increasingly seeking to align their investment objectives with their values. However, they often find this difficult to achieve, which is why Aviva Investors explores opportunities that combine ESG factors and attractive cross-asset investments to deliver long-term sustainable growth.

Francois will explain how an unconstrained, bottom-up approach to multi-asset income differentiates from common top-down strategies, how our proprietary ESG model guides the whole investment process, and how the team selects income-producing assets to generate natural income streams without depleting capital. He will also highlight how Aviva Investors’ approach to portfolio construction – which it considers to be as important as idea generation – helps insulate investors from excessive equity market volatility. Further, Francois will demonstrate how the firm’s commitment to responsible investment is fundamental to its goal of delivering investment outcomes that matter most to today’s investor.

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26 Sep 2019
10:30 - 11:15