Kathrine Husvaeg

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Kathrine Husvaeg is a Senior Portfolio Manager on Russell Investments’ emerging markets equity team, based in London. She was appointed portfolio manager in May 2014 and manages a number of emerging markets equity

Wouter van Overfelt

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Wouter van Overfelt is Head of Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds Portfolio Manager / Analyst Executive Director. Hij trad in april 2013 in dienst bij Vontobel Asset Management als Portfolio Manager in het Emerging

Damian Sassower

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Functie: Chief EM Fixed Income Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence Damian Sassower is the Chief EM Fixed Income Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, a unique research platform that provides context on industries, companies, and government

Marijn Wiersma

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I am a corporate anthropologist, who inspires people to follow my vision for a better world. I am passionate about and stubbornly committed to solving world problems by unlocking the potential of women,

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